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Zoomer Dino - Snaptail (Blue)

Zoomer Dino - Snaptail (Blue)
Zoomer dino blue Zoomer dino blue Zoomer dino blue
Tame him if you dare! The Zoomer Dino features a dinosaur-sized attitude with a temper to boot. If you pull his tail and make him angry, his eyes will turn red and Boomer will spin, roar and even let out some burps and farts. Use the included controller pod or your hands to train him or send him to attack. Build a unique friendship as you train the robot to dance, chase, chomp and roar around the house on his two wheels, which feature True Balance technology to help prevent him from falling over. Requires 3x AAA batteries.

Ages: 5+ years.


Requires: 3x AAA batteries
Includes:1x Zoomer Dino, 1x USB cable and 1x instruction booklet
He chomps
He is speedy & agile
He is snappy & aggressive
He roars & attacks
If you gain his trust, he’ll show you his softer side
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