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Redhead Kit with Stands for Video and Photography

Redhead Kit with Stands for Video and Photography
3x Redhead Kit with Stands

This Redhead 800w light gives you the kind of studio lighting you need for professional shooting of Video and Photography. With continuous lighting there is no need for complicated flash settings or fumbling with sync cords.

800W Continuous Redhead Light (With Dimmer & Heat Releasing Ring )
The continuous Red Head light with an 800W halogen bulb and a barn door.
There is a screw at the bottom of the lamp which can modulate the bulb's focus.
The original manufactory power cable is about 3m
The Light comes with a 6" barn door. To manipulate the light, to concentrate, feather and generally prevent stray light spilling out, these are also rotate-able so you can orientate the light to suit the subject.The output optional: 110V or 220V.
Color temperature: 3200K of each Light.A local power plug adapter will be proved
Package Include´╝Ü

3 x 800W Continuous Light
3x Stand (Max : 200cm Height)
3 x 6" Barn Door
3 x Inline Dimmer Switches
3 x Heat Releasing Ring
1 x Carrying Case
Red Head Tungsten Lights get EXTREMELY HOT! Do not touch while in use. Do not leave it in contact with any objects (eg. power cord). Do not leave on for an excess amount of time (we suggest maximum 30 minute time frames before letting it cool down, even for a short amount of time)
Our price: AUD 480.00
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