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Medisana Tens and EMS Machine

Medisana Tens and EMS  Machine
Mediana TENS EMS Machine
German Produced Medisana TENS EMS Machine

Digital TENS / EMS Muscle Stimulator

Top of the Range TENS & EMS Machine with a 3 Year Warranty at an Affordable Price!

Technology for Drug Free Pain Relief and to Build Muscles The Medisana Machine is a 4 in One Technological Miracle for your Body!

With its Blue LCD screen Information Screen, belt Clip and, batteries and Pads all supplied in a handy case this is one piece of Technology that will relieve your stress rather than increase it! The Medisana is a Quality German product and has four main functions

1. Its a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation
) Machine, and may be used to help manage a wide range of pains including Arthritis, Back Pains, Neck and Shoulder Headaches. Hospitals frequently suggest them to women as a means of managing labour Pain
2. It’s an EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation
Machine) this setting has low frequency. EMS machines are often used by Hospitals and Sports Clinics to improve Muscle Tone by passively exercising Muscles, which increases Tone and Blood
3. Deep Tens for Deep Pain Treatment
4. Acupuncture as used in Traditional Chinese medicine.

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